If you are looking to take on some form of retraining then you will basically be looking to learn new skills. Generally this will involve learning what you need to know to do a completely different job to the one you have been doing in the past. In some cases retraining may simply add some additional skills to your current skill-set to help you do a new job that also incorporates your existing job.

People take on retraining for various reasons. These include:

Getting retraining can work in various ways. For example, you may be:

Many people will take on retraining courses simply because there is something that they have always wanted to do but have never had the skills for. In some cases you may simply have developed a hobby or interest over the years and then suddenly decide that you would like to turn this into a career.

So, for example, if you have always liked arranging flowers but have kept this as a hobby then you could go on a retraining course to learn how to be a florist. This would take your hobby and current interests and help you learn the skills that you need to turn it into a potential career.