Online Courses

Online courses make up a specialised branch of learning and education. As the name suggests these courses are given online rather than in a classroom or lecture hall. So, you can simply sit at home and learn at your own pace and when you have time.

There are all kinds of online courses available to you. Some will be free and some will come with fees. Free courses tend to be fairly basic and may be set up by enthusiastic individuals. These, obviously, will not lead to a specific qualification but may help you learn some stuff that you need to know.

More formal online courses can be used for a variety of purposes. So, for example, you could study for a degree with a distance learning establishment where you study online. Or, you could complete an online course to gain a computer qualification.

In general terms many online courses will be based on websites where you can save your work and manage your learning in an ‘account’ page. Some courses may need you to also use some books for your learning but many will simply post up lessons online for you to work through at your own pace. The lessons here may be static or interactive and some may involve lessons or lectures where a tutor or teacher can be accessed via a web cam or other form of web technology. Many online courses will also offer you other learning aids such as quizzes, tests and refresher sections.