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Go to Dan's site: Get all his videos:

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Duration: 01:28 for more about solar job training. Demand is rising for qualified workers in the solar industry.

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Part 35 discusses actual jobs that arrive at the David Hoffman Agency (DHA) each day. A discussion of work opportunities that create positions for 3 to 6 peo...

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outsourcing training and development - how to outsource your job Get it: Outsource or Die! I can't stress this enough! If you don'...

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Part 36 of our 'Get Ready' initiative looks at an ecommerce Job Opportunity that came in today to the David Hoffman Employment Agency. DHA receives work assi...

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Part 33 of our 'GET READY' it initiative looks at the value of reading, writing, and intellectual property in the marketplace. This training is designed to...

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Eugene doing yard work.

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Light urban search and rescue training. This ~2 ton block was moved up 3 feet taking over 40 feet to do it. The crew let this one fly. I have been on course ...

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